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Team Leader Talk

Breast Cancer October and Thankful November

Linda Arnold, Team Leader

I was so excited these past few days to have a slight touch of fall in the air!! This time of year I always miss those crisp, clear fall days in Massachusetts where I grew up! To me there was nothing more beautiful than the fall colors, picking apples, the smell of burning leaves, and cool nights for “Trick or Treating”. The 68 degree drop in temperature always makes me think of all the things I am THANKFUL for not just at Thanksgiving but everyday.

Although I love my memories from the past, I thoroughly enjoy the new ones that I keep making with South Florida Jubilee. The last two weeks have been so memorable! We loved practicing under Kim’s direction and then cheering on our fellow members who were singing on the international stage with “Spirit of the Gulf”. Thanks to Celeste,our very own in house “tekkie”, we were able to watch them and some other choruses perform. We looked for all our friends during their performance. One thing about Sweet Adeleline’s that I am very thankful for is that no matter where our life travels may take us or what chorus is the best fit for the goals a person might want to achieve, we are always friends. It is a sisterhood that goes beyond the day to day. We are always excited whether it is a weekend retreat, regional or international competition to see our friends again.

Not only are we glad to see our friends that have come or gone, we are also there for them when they might become ill. On October 25, we had our very own “Pink Night” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. We all dressed in Pink. Lynne, a survivor, made pink ribbons for people to wear in case pink wasn’t a part of their basic wardrobe. Because we have several survivors in our chorus, we wanted to show them our support. Along with our survivors, we have two former members that are battling breast cancer right now! It was important for us to remember our survivors and to give support to our former members. We brought in cards of encouragement little gifts, gift cards, donations, and any other thing we thought our former members might

like. It was amazing! We filled up 2 large gift bags with goodies for each former member. Even new members who did know our former ones joined in this endeavor. I am sure that when the gift bags are given to them, these former members will be very touched by our outpouring of support for them.

I know I am so proud of our chorus. I am so thankful to be a part of chorus that enjoys and supports each member, past and present. Sweet Adelelines is so much more than just singing. It is about enriching your life and the lives of others through friendship and song!!!

So with every passing moment of my life, I am thankful for all of the wonderful things that have happened in my life. I also very thankful for the 22 years that I have been a member of South Florida Jubilee. Thanks to everyone for all the memories and all the new ones we still will create.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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