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Sweet Adeline of the Year

by Ginger Ruoff

Our Sweet Adeline of the Year - Celeste

Sweet Adelines chapters across the world are recognizing women who during the past year have shown outstanding accomplishments as a member of the chapter.  South Florida Jubilee is proud to announce that Celeste Burke has been chosen by our chorus members as our Sweet Adeline of the Year.

While Celeste, a mother of three young children, has only been in the chorus for a little more than a year, she quickly became involved in chorus activities.  She joined the Marketing Team where her knowledge of social media, websites and all things techi was called upon frequently.  Celeste enthusiastically jumped into all aspects of chorus life - including becoming the lead of a competing quartet.  She is always quick to welcome visitors and makes new members feel at home.  Celeste embodies the Sweet Adeline spirit in her friendliness, caring, and vision for our future.

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