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SFJ "Falls" in Love

Recently director James Kastler unveiled our brand-new competition uptune. It is as challenging as it is exciting! James has shown a great deal of confidence in SFJ by presenting us with this song. But the ladies of SFJ are up to the challenge!

James always picks the most incredible songs for the chorus, and this one is no exception. With the addition of a handful of wonderful new members, we are sounding better than ever. Our long-time members, as well as these talented new ladies, have dived right in to learn this fun-filled love song, with its uplifting and “sunny” message. There is always a palpable sense of excitement when we are working on a new song, and that is especially true with this one.

Joe Cerutti, one of SFJ’s fabulous coaches, will spend the day with us on October 13th. In preparation for his visit, we are working hard to get this song ship-shape for Joe. We are always very excited to work with Joe, who is a world-renown director and coach. Joe’s enthusiasm and energy are infectious-he really gets us going! He is sure to take us to new levels of mastery. At the end of what I’m sure will be an awesome day, we will be well on our way to taking this song to where it needs to be at Regional Competition in Daytona Beach next April.

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